Intelligence with Color and Creativity Breaking Through

Hello! Welcome to Intealect!Intealect is a unique jewelry shop located in Bradenton, Florida. Intealect is the balance between my artistic side and my creativity with insight from my background as a scholar and former teacher. Every piece tells a story of a person or place around the world who put the same love and care into the components that I have chosen for each of my unique, handcrafted jewelry.

I begin each piece with the beads and listen to what they are saying to me, which explains why I often work with natural stones with many years of history. Then, I determine which style of metal the selected beads require. Next, the setting for the stones is carefully designed by fabricating any necessary parts or making component selections from my existing stock. After the setting has been created, I select and add the accent beads to carry colors through the piece. The pieces are then fitted with ear wires or clasps. Finally, the completed piece is polished and photographed.


A combination of different media, materials, textures, and colors are an excellent showcase of my eclectic style. I enjoy experimenting with my designs to find new and fun combinations that will become a treasure for their next home. With so many colors and patterns, the jaspers are my favorite.VALUE:

I try to create a perfect balance of quality and value with each piece while using the best materials as frequently as possible. I work hard to source materials at the best value so that I can offer both quality and value to my customers.



I purchase beads from all over the world. Every lampwork bead is purchased from a SRA (self-representing artist) beadmaker. Most pieces are made up of precious metals and solid copper with occasional substitutions of plated metal to ensure certain items are affordable. Almost all earwires are hand made, some by me along with other metal components.



Intealect will soon be launching a new line of accessories made from upcycled, authentic Indian saris. These beautiful fabrics are fluid and so colorful that they deserve a second life. The saris will be prepared and refreshed for your enjoyment through a careful process that involves extended soaking in a baking soda solution followed by a washing in hypoallergenic detergent and vinegar ultimately restoring them to like-new freshness.

Once the saris are refreshed and ready for recreation, they will be used in a variety of gorgeous, new jewelry items to include braided and crocheted bracelets, necklaces, and drawstring bags as well as fashion accessories like infinity scarves, evening wraps, and shrugs.