What is Intealect?

I suppose I should begin my blogging story with some of my personal story. I’ll keep it simple and just say I’ve lived a long time running on fear. It’s not healthy and I don’t recommend it, but I was a worrier and there you have it. I worried about my kids, my job, my health, my husband, and, well, all of it. Everything. Was I doing it right? Was I going to fail? And if the anxiety wasn’t there, I was sure I wasn’t trying hard enough. Time to tackle something new, something harder.

I wasn’t always this way. When I was younger I lived a slower, more forgiving life. I had time for relaxation and rumination. I read and listened to music and created things myself. But as I grew and responsibilities piled on I threw those things overboard to focus, focus, focus. I built a successful career and raised happy, healthy children. I supported my husband’s rise in his company and profession. I had a great house in a great location. Everything was great!

Until it wasn’t. Somehow I had managed to throw overboard everything that didn’t support someone or something else. I’d become a master at organization, and I’d organized my self out of existence—not myself, my self. I’d turned into a human computer, all intellect and routines, no more contemplation or imaginative creation. A machine…

One day three years ago I was exhausted, running everything and everyone for too long, and I sat and stared into the bubbling teal blue water in the pool out back. I stared at the glittering sunlight reflecting through the water and that color, that gorgeous, shimmering, rippling teal blue came bubbling, then roiling, then crashing through the grey stacks of lists and charts and plans in my brain. It washed through all the dark corners where my creative soul had hidden itself and cleaned away the grey and the murk, and left the dazzling sun and the cool teal blue water and the gorgeous fuchsia bougainvillea and brilliant red callistemon drenching my brain in the realization that my life, if I planned to continue to live it, had to change.

That is Intealect. And that is where my story begins.

Some of my Favorite Creations:

intealect, creativity, jewelry, handmade

A pair of teal-colored amazonite drops with teal and black lampwork beads and teal apatite.


intealect, handmade, etsy, creativity, copper

Flashy, flashy Labradorite on copper, with amazonite, black onyx, tiger iron, and a handmade copper toggle clasp with a teal patina.

intealect, teardrop, earrings, creativity

Stunning teal Swiss blue quartz teardrops with huge sky blue topaz rondelles on sterling silver. A cool answer to summer’s long, hot days.

Intealect, handmade, bradenton, sarasota, etsy

One of my favorite items ever in my shop. The beads are natural Picasso jasper that make an amazing green heart. Jasper is one of the joys of jewelry making.